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Receiver – Job Description

The Receiver shall be directly responsible to the Receiving Supervisor.


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Greet Donors.
  2. Accept merchandise; access viability of merchandise and sort to appropriate area.
  3. Move C&L merchandise into the trailer.
  4. Perform small repairs of damaged items (only when time allows and the value of the merchandise does not become a time burden that devalues its effort to keep).
  5. Provide customer assistance with unloading and loading of merchandise donated or purchased.
  6. Rotation of seasonal boxed merchandise.
  7. Maintain accessibility of exterior and interior walkways and aisles for safety of staff and clients.
  8. Dispose of all trash and refuse in building.
  9. Perform other duties and responsibilities as may be required or assigned by the Executive Director or Operations Manager.



  1. Ability to relate with a wide variety of individuals.
  2. Must have the ability to speak, read and write clearly.