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Donation Guide


  • Food donations can include for example: cereal, peanut butter, canned fruit, fruit cocktail, soups, pork and beans, canned meats, saltines, and crackers.
  • Food donations must have an expiration date and must not be past the printed expiration. Expired food cannot be distributed.
  • Cans must not be damaged or dented.
  • Please keep food items in the original packaging and sealed.

Clothes & Toys

  • Clothes should be clean and wearable. Clothes that are wet, mildewed, torn or stained cannot be used. Please bag shoes & clothing separately from other household donations.
  • Toys with small parts / games with small pieces should be clearly packaged together before donating.


    • Small & large appliances should be clean and fully operational.

      Make your donations successful!

      Collecting Donations - Wilson County Help Center

      Additional Donation Info

      • Boxes that are full and closeable are easier to manage, stack and store than ones that are too full and running over.
      • Removing personal identity from audio/visual and books secures your privacy.
      • Leaving donations during receiving hours secures their protection from theft, weather damage, and vandalism.
      • Furniture donations should be in good, useable condition.
      • Please give donations thought. Items should be gently used and in good, working condition.
      • Delivering donations in disposable, unneeded containers saves processing.

      If you are unable to bring your items for donation, please understand that we are not able to do donation pickups. You must bring your donations by the Help Center.

      Donations Receiving Hours

      Monday – Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
      (Please bring large donations early to allow time for us to absorb them into storage)

      Thank you for your donations and for making a difference!